Updating ubuntu from dual boot windows 7

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Since Xubuntu software updater keeps telling me that I can upgrade to version 14.04 LTS, I was wondering how far could I go without compromising my entire existence.

Traditionally I've read bad things about Ubuntu's dist-upgrade, there are no shortage of questions on Ask Ubuntu about failed upgrades.

On desktops, the adoption rate may be faster, but do not expect any miracles too soon. Be aware that you may encounter some compatibility issues down the road, especially with more conservative distributions that do not embrace new technologies too quickly.

When the computer will reach a certain stage before the logon screen only to then reset back to the boot screen, at which point it will attempt to load Windows again, becoming caught in the loop (although in some cases it might successfully boot) again and again.

The in-Ubuntu upgrade (dist-upgrade) is But for now, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is still supported until mid 2017, and if you're happy with the way it works now there's no pressing need to upgrade.

Even a few stand-alone programs (like web browsers - they have the latest versions available in the LTS repositories anyway, Office programs, etc) could be updated on their own to the latest versions without needing to update everything - including the kernel - to a whole new Ubuntu version like 14.04 (which is already almost 2 years old) or 16.04 soon.

My main concern is that I use that machine mostly for work, and I don´t want to mess the Windows partition (around 400Gb and full of files I can´t afford losing or recovering).

There's also plenty of questions involving clean installs that accidentally erased windows data too.

Whichever method you choose, a backup of important data (in linux & windows) is strongly recommended.

The type or format of your storage media can affect how you would go about installing Ubuntu on your PC.

That can be anything from installing on one of the new M2 cards, to installing on a standard SATA hard disk drive, to installing on the same SATA hard disk drives in an Intel Matrix RAID configuration.

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