Updating fedora 10

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But do it now as the whole ranch is about to be re-compiled into and will take over 5 days. If you can find a program that will allow you to alter partition sizes in an LVM (Good luck! As for how to dual boot, take a look through how-to and guide sections there is probably about 40 threads on it, or at least 1.

If you can actually pull the partitions you currently have *out* of LVM. problem is, it could break your entire installation, but same goes with resizing partitions.

It feels like it has been even more than a month since the release of Fedora 24 was announced.

Or is Live CD the only way my laptop can do testing?

Yes, I know it’s not supported, but neither is anything else.

I took the time on friday to try out the yum update and it worked swimmingly. I ran pybackpack and duplicity and backed up all my stuff to remote 1.

Why not make some room on you disk and install a seperate F11 alpha? Or is Live CD the only way my laptop can do testing?

F11 is actually very stable (as of todays updates) and the 29 kernel from koji. -- Jeff Partly why I dislike LVM on machines that don't actually need it is, basically you should have these partitions by default: swap /boot / Were as if you have lvm you have those but it's like this: swap /boot LVM problem with that is, a lot of things cannot alter LVM size, meaning re-sizing a partition, which is what you need. When installing Fedora 11, make sure the set the partitions up manually not using LVM.

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