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While Unbox supports users of Windows and Ti Vo, Mac users, as well as those millions of i Pod users are left out in the cold.Linux geeks, and those customers who have purchased divx/avi capable portable music players are also excluded, but this small subset of the market were equally ignored by Apple.

Foreigners, due to the lengthy delay between a show airing in the US in markets abroad, have already been driven to illegal file sharing.

Having Sick Beard installed is not required though and experience with Sick Beard, although helpful, is not required either.

Sick Rage, also known as Sick Beard-TVRage, has a few advantages over Sick Beard: – Much better support and integration of Torrents – Great support for automatic downloading of subtitles – Easier to work with when it comes to Back Log and Daily Searches – Fallback to download entire Seasons (if available) – Optional Copy, Link or Move new downloads – Set the file date to the actual air date of an episode – etc.

Both allow automatic download of TV-Series and are pretty good at it.

Sick Rage however adds some really cool features that Sick Beard (with all respect) is lacking.

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