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In any setting she looks for the social value in a man.

Studying foreign languages online is really a great task and learning foreign language also makes you compatible to live in an another country too.

If you have items in your backpack that you've stitched, and you now wish to unstitch, simply visit Eloise in any world and select the 'Unstitch' option.

You must have room in your backpack for the new items or you will not be able to unstitch. All No Trade (meaning it cannot be placed in the Shared Bank) attributes will persist when items are stitched.

You will be required to choose a color when you make the purchase as these Hair Styles cannot be dyed.

We have long recognized that one of the most requested features for young Wizards is the ability to remove their hats, as well as to change their hair.

Now you can do both with one simple item: a hair style!

The best way to ask a girl out is to just ask her in a completely natural way.

A “yes” won’t always be guaranteed in the process, because there are there are several factors that affect the girl’s decision.

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