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Am short but not too short I love to get my hair done Am not slim and am not too fat Clothing I'm a fun loving person who likes to enjoy myself when ever I'm having fun or out doing anything.I like to draw pictures during my spare time I also like to write hip hop music.

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************************** THE BILLION-DOLLAR MARRIAGE CONTRACT -published under Summit Sizzle! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but that was how obsessed I was. I'm someone who's there but takes quite a while to get noticed...oh, and I'm a fan of K-pop dramas Twitter username: @mercykalu198 Pinterest username: Mercykalu #My youth #Write for you #Break stereotypes #project africanculture Hi there! A Little Piece of You (Completed) story of Braxton Taylor 4.

Hey, im a young guy from jamaica, searching for a partner from canada who is loving and will treat me right and i promise to do the same❤️ Im 6.

1, average body type, i have an fade haircut im into both modern and Down to earth, fun, loving, arguably a good cook, love to take long drives to the country side. I love a good conversation Black Hair, height 170 cm thereabout, dress conservatively but I grow up in Jamaica my hobbies are listening to music and writing I love to read a lot that's how I spend most of my time.

I feel as though they have no time for dating outside of our community.

Is that the sound of the United States, Department.

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