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The show has always followed the grand television tradition of presenting popular trends a few months (sometimes years) past the time when such a discussion could be considered even remotely relevant, and while blogger Frankie (played by this week's ailing guest star, Laura "tragically blond" 't as out of date as, say, an episode about snap bracelets might have been, it's all still fairly shallow and silly.But then, House's patient issues are all about broad strokes; one of the series' gifts is that its strongest elements (Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, mostly) transcend the rote procedural aspects.Somehow, all this ephemera has been built to last, despite all our attempts to mock it with bad puns and condescension.It's been happening, it's going to keep on happening, no matter how much it scares us. Okay, that's probably not exactly what went through the minds of the writers of "Private Lives," our first new House in a month or so, but in terms of dealing with the complexities of Internet writing and online intimacy, this 't what you'd call cutting edge.We get some arguments between Frankie and her boyfriend about her need to post every life choice on line to let all her online buddies weigh in, but "Lives"'s heart 't really feel in on the discussion.Instead, the concept introduces the episode's major theme: the face that we hide away forever, the face that we keep in a jar by the door, and the gap between the two.

Looking at conditions which cause both a coagulopathy and kidney disease, the differential now includes hemolytic-uremic syndrome, Gaucher’s disease, Sjogrens syndrome (an autoimmune disease), and Haff disease (sudden development of rhabdomyolysis shortly after eating fish, thought to be related to some form of toxin).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, both Wilson and House have plenty to hide.

As their friendly battle of pranks got even more serious, House discovered that back in college, Wilson acted as a Mr.

The latter seems the most likely and she is started on saline and mannitol (the suggested treatment for Haff disease is fluid and diuretics so these are reasonable choices).

Chase still believes his suggestion of Sjogrens was the best, and reads over Frankie’s blog looking for clues.

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