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The earliest chronogram in Jewish literature is one found in a Hebrew poem of the year 1205 by Al-Harizi, while the earliest Latin chronogram is dated five years later.

The output also contains results from the MPL analysis described in Britton et al. "Abjad" is the name given to the arrangement of the Arabic alphabet according to the occurrence of its 28 letters in a series of eight symbolic "words" (shown above), the first of which is "abjad" itself.(People used to memorize these "words," horribly clunky as they are, in order to have a quick key to the system.) Every letter has a numeric value in this arrangement, and can thus be used for composing dating system, which uses lunar years starting from 622 A. when the Prophet left Mecca and took refuge in Medina.Compiled versions for the following platforms are available: Windows XP Mac OS X Linux 2.4.20-31.9 (Red Hat 9), glibc 2.3.2 Unix (Sparc) The source files and compilation instructions are found here. The program works instantaneously even for very large phylogenetic trees. PATHd8 is implemented in the C-program PATHd8 and is freely available from this website.

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