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For many in western and central Ukraine, including the historical regions of Galicia, Volyn, and Podolye, being Ukrainian has long meant suppressing Russian culture so that Ukrainian culture can thrive in its stead.

Here, creating a Ukraine that is Russia's antithesis is often referred to as making a "civilizational choice." By contrast, for many in eastern and southern Ukraine, including the historical regions of Donbass, Novorossiya, Slobozhanshchina, and Crimea, being Ukrainian means being part of a distinct nation that lives in close harmony with Russia.

These two crises came together with explosive impact when President Yanukovych was ousted from office on Feb 22, 2014.

Many residents of western and central Ukraine refer to these events as a "revolution of dignity," while many in the east and south regard it as a coup d'état.

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Although there are profound internal contradictions in the Ukrainian model of state development, these would not have assumed such disastrous forms if the geopolitics of post–Cold War Europe had been sorted out earlier." In other words, they fail because there is insufficient recognition of the fact that we are actually dealing with two crises that must be addressed simultaneously.

The first crisis is the longstanding conflict within Ukraine over whether post-Soviet Ukraine should be a monocultural or bicultural nation.

The United States and many Western European nations immediately recognized Yanukovych's ouster as legitimate, whereas Russia did not.

"On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, will deliver its Order on the request for the indication of provisional measures submitted by Ukraine in the case concerning Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine vs.

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